Wednesday, April 7, 2010 a good way

As I rushed out of the house (as always) and was backing down the driveway, I looked back at the front garden to see this beauty looking back at me. So of course, the plant geek that I am, put the car in park, grabbed my digital camera and snapped away.

What you might ask is this beautiful weeper? Well, she's no other than a Redbud. To be specific, it's Cercis canadensis 'Traveller'.

A brief history:
Named in honor of Robert E. Lee's horse and as a tribute to his alma mater, Washington & Lee University.

A little on habit, culture and form:
A weeping form which is more compact than most, reaching 10-12' tall and 6' wide at it's most. Although mine is about 6' tall and 3' wide, which is just perfect! The new branches gracefully arch downward, creating a cascading waterfall effect. They will trail along the ground if left untrimmed (nothing a little judicious pruning can't fix!) Vigorous, pest-resistant and blooms with a spectacular show of vibrant pink flowers. Beautiful glossy dark green leaves in summer, mine is in a west-facing garden against brick so it's really hot in the summer and the plant didn't have a single nick on it's leaves.

Here it is on Monday, just starting to open.

And here it is this morning (Wednesday).

Can't wait to get home tonight to see how much more it has changed! Happy Spring everyone

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  1. Oh this is just lovely. I love weeping trees, but funny enough never had one anywhere. I might just have to find a spot somewhere in the garden.