Tuesday, July 5, 2011


I have always been a summer and warm weather kinda girl, growing up in tropical locales around the world led my sister and I to be water babies and were most usually barefoot or in flip flops.  When I met my husband he was very much the same way.  His mother used to double check him before he left the house to make sure he had shoes on (it was MOST likely that he didn't-fyi, I still check him some days!)  Even when he did have shoes on he used to pull them off!  Can't wait to see what our little one will do-nature or nurture??

While doing a little gardening this weekend I happened to stop and take a look down...
My footprint in our flagstone patio 
Mine up top, Greg's below 
Here's the back corner of our garden, the ferns are finally starting to take off!!  We just planted the climbing hydrangea this year and it did bloom, now it just needs to start creeping along the brick, fingers crossed it'll start doing it's thing!

How about you-do you prefer to be shoeless??


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