Monday, July 25, 2011

Weekend Recap

We finally had a weekend "off" with no house projects-wahoo!!  So we made some time to hit up the local farmer's market on Saturday morning in Reston on Lake Anne.
Crowds ready for all the good produce!
Farm truck brining all their goods to the market 
Bright burst of color with these summer annuals (zinnias & celosia)
Beautiful veggies, look at the color of those onions! 
I loved how these were displayed a perfect checkerboard of fruits.  The blueberries were too good to pass up!  (Check out three & four photos below) 
Here I am, 9 months today-almost baby time!! 
Did I mention it was also the Ukelele festival??  They had a woman doing Hula along with the band and there were lots of people sitting in the courtyard listening and watching.
Those blueberries were put to good use-my sweet husband made me blueberry pancakes on Sunday morning.
Nothing beats fat, plump blueberries hot off the griddle with fresh Vermont maple syrup.  Mmmmm! 
And of course we had our fur babies close by keeping us company.

Any farmers markets close by that you like to visit?  What did you do?


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