Thursday, July 7, 2011

DIY - Lavender Sachets

Here's my tutorial on making your own lavender sachets.  These were the ones I used as thank you takeaway's at our baby shower.
First step was to rummage through my fabric.  Thankfully I found this beautiful silk moire that was the RIGHT color for the project-whoo hoo!  Love it when that happens.

Next up, a LOT of measuring.  I wanted to make a few strips at one time, so I measured the fabric both ways to make sure it would fit before I did any cutting without any waste.
Using my awesome cutting wheel and a metal yardstick I was able to just run down the fabric and get a nice straight cut. 
Of course I didn't write down my sizing (bad blogger) but you can really make these any size you want.  I like them on the small side, I think they're cuter, but they are a little trickier to fill and sew.  All said and done mine were about a 3.5" square.
Alright, so the strips are cut to size. 
Then I folded them over.  The moire does have a front and a back to the fabric, so I flipped them inside out so I was stamping on the right side. 
Here were the stamps, again, a lucky find, $1.00 each in a miscellaneous bin at Michael's craft store, but perfect for what we wanted!  I liked having two different templates to work with.

Again, bad blogger, I don't have a photo of my sewing them-whoops.  I think I was just into the groove!  But I basically flipped them inside out, sewed up the two sides and 1/2 way up the last side.  I wanted a small opening to be able to fill the lavender.
Mmmm, the lavender.  We did a lot of looking locally but couldn't find anything that wasn't $20+ a pound, not what I had in mind, so we ended up ordering it online (when I track down the website I'll add it).  But it was bagged in 1 lb. bags and smelled delicious! 
Once they were sewn up I flipped them right-side-out, inked up the stamps and went to town.  After the ink had dried I began the filling process.  I tried several things, but a small funnel was the best and then ended up using my fingers for the last few pinches.  When they were all full I then hand stitched the last inch or so.  I surprised my mom with my TINY stitches, again, who knew I had it in me??
Here's the final product at the shower!  Everyone LOVED them and I hope they will remind them of what a wonderful time we had that day and all the love and thanks they have from us.

Please let me know if you have any questions or if I wasn't clear on something, I'm happy to help!

What projects have you done lately?


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