Monday, July 18, 2011

Capitol Hill Garden - Before & After

Last week I had an installation up on Capitol Hill.  Although DC is super close (11 miles from my office) traffic makes it seem like 1,100 miles away.  BUT, there are some very cool houses and gardens so when I get "the call" to work on a project down there I'm totally on board!

This was no exception, a very small space, which I like because I feel you have to be more judicious in your plant choices and there's no where to "hide" things or not so ideal plants, etc...

My wonderful customer wanted a low-maintenance space with some fragrance and some four-season interest.  She is a busy lady (working on the hill) and doesn't have time to dedicate to daily maintenance.  So I created a space that will bloom for a long time, has some evergreen structure, add some fragrance when she walks by and will allow her to clip a few blooms to bring inside if she wants.

So here was the garden when I arrived.
Facing the front of the house
Looking up the sidewalk (very cool steps!) 
Bed to the right of the walkway

And here are the afters
Same view of the front 
Again, left side of bed
Right of walkway

And a few close-ups...
Fragrant Angel Coneflower 
Limelight Hydrangea (tree form) 
Fragrant Bouquet Hosta

We did keep some of her existing plants-she had some family iris that were re-incorporated and she loved the liriope lining the path, but I did divide it so it wasn't so overgrown.

I added Boxwood against the brick stoop which will eventually get 2x2, some helleborus (a winter bloomer), and the coneflower, hosta.  So although it was a small job, I think the space is so much neater, tidier and more organzied.  When it fills out a little it should be perfect!

Any thoughts?  Questions?  Did you do any gardening this week?

Happy Monday!!

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