Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I know we all have "that drawer" (okay or more) in our house that we just throw stuff in.  See exhibit A:
We have a desk in our kitchen and I LOVE having it there (most of the time) but occasionally I think "Ahh, what a waste of space, it always ends up cluttered!!" Anyone else have this issue?
Okay, well my mom works at The Container Store (yes, go ahead and be jealous) it's an amazing place and an awesome perk to be related to someone as Type A as I am-love you mom! So I called her with the drawer dilemma and thankfully she came to the rescue!
These bamboo boxes were the perfect fit.  The two small ones slide into the ridge along the bottom one, so you can see what's in the front and back of each compartment-genius!
I moved the boxes around until I found what worked best for me.  Our spare car keys and locks that we don't use very often are in the way back, checkbook, stamps, letter opener (and yes, those are pruning shears) in the front and business cards on the right in the black folder with blank envelopes behind it.  The top drawer holds our rubber bands and extra 3M command hooks.
It's so much better now and easier to find things which we both love.  Now I just have to organize the bottom two drawers and the top one.  Hey, I can only do so much in one afternoon...

Any organization projects on your horizon?  Or is every space neat and tidy?

Please share!


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