Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Showered with Love

We had quite the whirlwind week and weekend.  Saturday was Baby Shower Day!  And man oh man, did we get spoiled!
Here was our load of goodies, we got some ADORABLE things!  Makes me even more eager to meet this little guy so I can have a photo shoot with him and all of his loot!
I was in charge of the flowers for the shower because I love to do them, and it kept me out of the planning so it was a surprise.  I was told, green, white and blue, but other than that had no idea.  So I used white and lightly tinged blue hydrangeas, green trick dianthus and curly willow with a few butterflies clipped on it.
This larger arrangement I did in our silver trophy cup was for the food bar is of lacecap hydrangea, green trick dianthus and again the curly willow and butterflies.
The delicious spread!  Fruit salad, tortellini salad, mini cucumber sandwiches, chicken salad on croissants, green salad, cheese straws, and of course a cheese tray!
I have really been craving crunchy veggies especially cauliflower (strange I know) but hey, at least I'm craving healthy things!  So they put together a tzatziki dip and veggie tray for me (thanks guys!!) 
There were two different iced teas in these adorable dispensers. 
And here are the grandma's!  My mom on the left and Greg's mom on the right.  I am so lucky to have two great mom's and role models in my life.  They are amazing!!
My sister made this bag for her gifts, most certainly my favorite packaging!! 
 Here was everyone working on one of the shower games. A very studious bunch!
And what would a shower be without a dessert bar???
Greg's family recipe for pound cake-YUM!
The carrott cake recipe from a co-worker and made by my mom-delish! 
Chocolate cake with chocolate drizzle, SO tasty!  And the little bird's nest I created. 
My Aunt's from Pittsburgh made these cookies; a family tradition for weddings and baby showers, some filled with apricot jam, and some filled with nuts and sprinkled with powdered sugar.

I think it's a nice touch to have a little favor to thank everyone for coming, so with my newfound craftiness I made these moire satin lavender-filled sachets with the help of my mom and sister.
Here is the basekt of beautiful cookie favors my mom and sister made also as takeaways!!
Me and my sis back at our house after the shower.
We had a lot of the out of town family back to our house after the shower.  We ordered pizza, drank some wine (sadly none for me) and caught-up since we aren't lucky enough to live close to them, it was wonderful to spend extra time together.

I am happy to post some photos of the sachets and flowers so you guys can see the process.  Hopefully I can get to it this week!

All in all, I had a wonderful time and was so thrilled so many people made an effort to come from near and far to celebrate with us.  We really were showered with love.


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