Thursday, June 2, 2011

Cocktails anyone?

Well, this is sort of "false advertising" since I'm not really drinking cocktails this summer (BIG BUMMER!) but hey, it's a small sacrifice in order to be creating this little baby we already love so much!  Since I'm a clever one, I am managing to come up with some good mocktails so I still feel like a grown-up when all my friends and family are imbibing in the real deal.

In our shopping adventure on Saturday, we stumbled upon this little treasure...The Hour Cocktail Collection.  It is an entire store devoted to bar ware!!
I thought HOW perfect, even though I may not be drinking alcohol, that doesn't mean it shouldn't still be served in a beautiful vessel and boy do they have a selection!
I loved these lemon glasses in the vintage holder, and those gorgeous napkins (Trina Turk I think)
Loved this weatermelon and green tray with the delicate stemware on it.  Not only would those be perfect for a little evening drink, but with some sorbet and a biscotti they'd be equally as stunning.
Mmmm, blue.  If y'all havent' met me, I'll admit that I have an affinity to blue anything.  So these stole my heart right out the gate.  Look at that twisty swirled rim-yikes!!  Oh and the lamp is pretty cool too, but man I'd hate to dust it!
I'm not usually into ornate designs, but something about these floral and gold high-balls really caught my eye.

Here's a photo of one of the rooms in the shop.  For as many different styles as they have it's all beautifully presented.  So if you need a gift or are looking to add to your own collection and are ever in Old Town, stop by, I'm sure you'll find something you can't leave without!

Do you just collect glasses as you find them and have an eclectic collection?  Or is there as style you prefer and stick with?  Please share!

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