Monday, June 6, 2011

Demo & Reno

So although we've done a LOT of work in our house since we bought it in 2007, we had overlooked the basement.  Well, not overlooked, we just pretty much neglected it.  It's the only area in the house with a TV (our man-cave), the access to the back yard and garage and is also where the laundry room and the 4th bathroom are located.  We rarely "entertain" down here and it was fine for us.  But after doing everything but moving walls to the rest of the house, we got the "well, we really should make it match the rest of the house vibe".  Perhaps it's just my nesting instincts kicking in??  There were three types of flooring in the three spaces-tile, lineolum and carpet which always drove us nuts, but we never had the time or extra money to deal with it until now.

Our baby shower is June 25th and we really wanted to get this project moving and done before our friends and family come to town-nothing like a deadline right??

After much looking into flooring, we thought it would be best to do click-in-place laminate.  We have real hardwood (Brazilian Cherry) on our main level, but didn't want to spend that kind of money down here.  Plus, with this being the access in and out of the house we wanted something pretty indestructable.  We did a lot of looking, but ended up with this great product from Lowes.  It is a an exotic that looks almost identical to our floors upstairs, but you'll never see them at the same time.
Nothin' beats a toilet in the family room-hah.  This was actually toilet 1 of 3.  Long story, but basically our "rough in" is 10" which is NOT standard these days, so finding a toilet was an awesome challenge.  If you are doing this yourself, measure, measure-we did and still had issues!
Best husband ever!!  He was measuring for the baseboards-they need to go in first so you have something to push the wood up against.
 New floors in!!  And yes, this was all done in a morning-go Greg go!
Of course as he was ready to install the sink, the ever helpful wife says: "Why don't we paint the wall first?"
Greg: "Really Amy, I've got the plumbing all ready to go."
Amy: "Oh, okay, I was just thinking it'd be easier than un-hooking the toilet and sink to paint behind it."
Greg: Pause..."Why don't you just go up to the pool and relax babe."
Three hours and a tan wife later... 
A painted wall AND new sink!  Gotta love home projects and GOOD husbands!

We're saving the hallway, laundry room and living room for when the in-laws arrive, they're coming in next week-YAY!!  The guys will crank through that project while MIL and I can shop for new sconces, tp holder and towel bar.

So that was our weekend, what did you get into?


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