Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Girls Day Out

I am really lucky to have some of the BEST girlfriends a girl could ask for-starting with the one who's put up with me since she was born-my sister Kathy (aka-Chicky).  Ever since we were little our parents always called us their "chicks" and it just stuck as Kath's nickname.  Here we are at brunch this past weekend, Kath on the left me on the right-and yes, that's finally a baby bump!!  It was 7 months on Monday-whoo hoo!
The ladies decided to have brunch at Evening Star Cafe in Del Ray, a cute little neighborhood just outside of Old Town, Alexandria and do a little shopping afterwards.  The food was great (sorry I didn't take a photo, I claim preggers hunger as the piping french toast and cheddar grits were placed in front of me as my distraction).
They even humored me and went into a consignment maternity and baby store.  I got a new top and a swimsuit for a great deal.  I did not buy this adorable baby suit, but oh my HOW cute!! 

Not much is better than time spent with good friends. And I am lucky to call these gals mine.
My sis and D

Of course no brunch is complete without a little stop at the local ice cream shop.  The Dairy Godmother did not disappoint.  The Lemon-Lavender Sorbet was dee-lish.
S and me

I will promise I will post some design-related things again soon, work has swamped me and belive it or not, growing a person is exhausting!

How was your weekend??



  1. There's a good farmers market in Del Ray on Saturdays also.

  2. Pat-Yes we did see it, nothing says summer like farmers markets! *Amy