Tuesday, June 21, 2011

She's crafty

So in my almost 8 month pregnant and state of being, I've decided to get crafty and try my hand at sewing.  For those of you who know me, yes, you are shocked as I am.  Now I was into scrapbooking in my day, and I've been known to put together a mean collage or two, but sewing...isn't that why we have our moms??  I feel like perhaps I was "absent" on that day in school-do they even still teach sewing or home ec?

In any event, In my most recent run to JoAnne's fabric (yes, I know this is becoming a recent thing ya'll) I noticed a fabric SALE sign.  Who doesn't love the word SALE?  So I thought, I'll just look and see if there's anything I like.  I was in the market for some outdoor pillows for our patio furniture and thought, I'll just make some!
Here were my selections, a nice bold green, white, yellow and blue stripe, a quilted yellow for some texture and of course can't forget the ZEBRA print!

Ah Amy, ever the grand planner.  I work 6 days a week usually 60ish hours, teach Pilates classes Monday night's, take a water aerobics class on Friday's, workout at least two other days, oh and manage to help plan and prep dinner most nights (Greg does the cooking-thank heavens for a good husband!).  WHEN would one think I am learning to sew and actually make these pillows??  Oh yeah, and my goal was before my baby shower (on SATURDAY-hah!)

After a slight panick attack once I had purchased the fabric I made one quick speedial to...MOM...annnnd, here we are!
Fabric is cut (1" in less than the pillow form size so they're fat and fluffy), flipped inside out and pinned along the edges.  Awesome mom tip, if you run the pins left to right in the fabric you can sew right over them-Genius. 
Running right along the edge of the fabric.
Mom and her "helper" our kitten Fawkes.  He was busy trying to catch the foot pedal every time she pressed it, hilarous to me the cutter-pinner, not hilarious to the one getting their foot nibbled on.   So he was checkin' out the sewing machine, perhaps he'll help with the next project??
We left an opening so we'd be able to get the pillow form in, always, ALWAYS double or back-stitch your opening so when you pull the fabric apart the seam doesn't come out!
I turned the fabric rightside out.  Now it just needs a pillow form stuffed in it and for me to sew the opening closed.
Here's the little zebra print, ahhh I love this print!
And here's the yellow quilted fabric.

So stay tuned, I'll get pillow forms and will take some photos of them in their new home!

Have you attempted sewing?  Were you inspired and found a hidden talent?  Or did you quit it like a bad habit?  So far I'm hooked-lookout, I may try and learn how to do piping next!


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  1. Haa ! I got an awesome sewing machine for Christmas, and didn't have a second to use it until I was in my nine month of pregnancy, and then I was TOTALLY hooked! I'm still getting the hang of it, but I absolutely love it. I love making beautiful and useful things in a matter of minutes! Cant wait to see the finished pillows!