Friday, November 19, 2010

Wedding Bouquets

First things first, when getting inspired to do flowers you must be well-caffeinated...Starbucks run!
Now that we had our priorities in order it was time to start in on the bouquets! 
Craspedia also called Billy Balls were a tad too yellow for my color palate, so I just hit them with a few light mists of design master orange spray paint.  That got them to the shade I wanted! 
Tina had all the flowers read to go in buckets grouped by flower.  She had stripped all the leaves and re cut the stems so they were fresh and ready to go.  It's so much easier to have things grouped so you can just grab what you need.  Bouquets go quickly when you're in progress and with a handful of flowers there is little time to stop and re-group.
Here is Wendy's bouquet, we added Purple Anemone to hers along with those COOL ferns, they were artificial but no one knew!  To the right of the fern is the orange protea and below that is purple lisianthus.  Above the anemone is freesia, the green hydrangea and then the billy ball to the left.  Another purple lisianthus and then an orange rose finish off this side. 
I am a detail oriented person and wanted a way to distinguish the bridesmaids from the maid and matron of honor, so I found this amazing silk ribbon in orange, one of Wendy's colors and Tina found pins to offset the wrap. 
And here is the green velvet ribbon with orange pins for the maid and matron of honor.  After the wedding the matron of honor came up to me and told me she was so nervous she was rubbing the velvet to help calm her nerves.  That is EXACTLY why I chose that ribbon, I'm so glad she used it the way I intended!
And here is the bride's wrap, yes, it's a little busy, but she LOVES funky!  I used an eggplant velvet, which was the same color as the girls dresses.  Green is her favorite color, so I incorporated those for the pins, and the copper cord was too cool to pass up!  I also tied her father's wedding ring into the bouquet, he lost a long battle with cancer 10 years ago this summer. Both Wen and her mom knew they couldn't get through all the emotions of the day and bring his name up, so they had beautiful subtle ways for him to be with them throughout the night.  She also told me she was rubbing the ring as she walked down the aisle. 
Here are Tina and I, I can't remember if that was pre or post caffeine...Hmmm... 
And here were all the bouquets loaded up and ready to go!

Hope you enjoyed seeing the process, I sure enjoyed doing them!  Working with Tina is a blast, she has taught me a TON.



  1. Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog! love these flowers. I think we live nearby. I'd love to know where you teach pilates or any good yoga studio recommendations!

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  3. PERFECT! I have dried billy balls and I thought they would look fantastic sprayed. Nice to see that you've done this with success!

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