Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Part 2

Our second party on Saturday was in DC, "Welcome to H'Elle" hosted by the lovely Elle.  She throws the most insane, over the top, creepy Halloween party I've ever been to.  And I assure you, she would take that as a compliment!
Schoolgirl (Tammy), Spice rack (Amy), Football player (Greg), Autumn Fairy (Elle, hostess!!), Hippie (Kathy), Chef (Marian)
The headless horseman carriage on her front "lawn"
Kathy inside with the gallows of dead people, body parts, etc.
Welcome to "H'Elle"
The upstairs bathroom was snaked out 
And in case you needed additional toilet paper, you'd have to be careful under the sink...the terrarium had a snake in it-YIKES! 
Ghost grilled cheese were AMAZING!  Her catering team did a fantastic job keeping the food out, hot and and very well themed! 
Delicious pumpkin cake from Dean & Deluca
The back porch, don't know the character (I'm not a fan of scary movies, yes, I am a wimp) but he had pins all over his face and spoke when you bumped him...well excuuuusee me. 
One of the many drink stations... 
Loved the light up cups and the creepy skull 
The Witch's den (basement) had Tarot card readers 
Delicious candied apples and shots 
Creepy witches with crystal balls 
And of course another well-stocked wine bar with custom glasses
The champagne bar, just in case you needed an extra hand... 
Bottle openers and beer id's at the ready 
The downstairs bathroom was also themed, yet another creepy movie I didn't see, but man, what thought out details!!  Monogrammed linens... 
The medicine cabinet was filled with potions and brews (because everyone checks out medicine cabinets!)
And then there was this guy in the shower-AHHH!  Good thing you were already in the bathroom! 
Me and my cutie hubs :) 
And of course, the treat bar to take on your way home. 
All in all two amazing parties in two nights, great fun with good friends and lots of wonderful memories.  Can't wait to see what next Halloween holds!

What did you do?

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