Wednesday, November 10, 2010

DIY - Moss Letter

One of my good girlfriends from High School is getting married on Saturday!!  FOUR days to go!!  Woot woot!

The bride, Wendy, is a talented and wildly creative graphic designer, so when we began brainstorming for wedding flowers and decor I was thrilled to "think outside the box."  In my 9 month break from my Landscape Design and Garden Center career I worked as Event Planner, we did large scale corporate and congressional events.  Highly chaotic but I learned a lot!  I have always had a passion for flowers, parties, etc.  So when I get a chance to "run with it" I really RUNNNNN!

Wendy has designed all of her invitations, escort cards, table cards, the program, etc....I will post photos after the wedding.  She wanted something unique, natural and keeping with her color scheme of green, purple and orange.  I wanted to do something to surprise her.  So Wen, if you're reading...STOP here!

I thought an over scaled letter covered in moss would be awesome.  So here's my DIY...
I chose a large piece of Styrofoam and got my sharpie out to trace my "W" for their last name.
I actually made two letters, one with this preserved sheet moss (in chunks) and one that was on a mesh backing.
Hot glue pot, I went through a LOT of glue, and a lot of "Oww, dang, that's hot" (And not in a Paris Hilton sorta way) in a burned again, really? sort of way.
I traced my letter with the sharpie, yes, I did measure it so it was wide enough at the base to stand (although I think I've found a cool way to mount it instead, I'll show you after the wedding.)
Once I got the first one cut I just traced it and cut the second one.  I used a knife with a serrated blade so I got a nice clean edge.
I laid all the moss out on the table and did a dry fit first to make sure I had enough to cover the front, top and sides.  The back will not be seen, so I didn't do it.  Then I methodically glued each chunk onto my form.
Here is the end result!

I will show you where I put it at the wedding and how it was displayed, so come back Monday the 15th!

What you do think?


  1. Amy! That is gorgeous! Your friend is so lucky :) xoxo

  2. Thank you so much for your sweet comment! I was lucky she trusted my creative wild-hair ideas! :)

  3. Awesome, you're so talented!!! I'm partial to anything moss :), but this is totally cool! You just got me thinking about how I could work thins into our decor for the holidays....hmmm