Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Nothing says fall like a trip to the pumpkin patch!  I am pretty nuts about getting a good shaped pumpkin.  I mean really Amy, who cares about that??  Apparently I do, so I pick through them to find just the right height, width, etc...
Passing a few ghoulish faces along the way...
Here are my beauties this year.
We were invited to our friends Andrew and Mary Anne's (picture of them in our living room) to carve pumpkins the other night.
They just bought a cute house in Falls Church that we were excited to see.  So we grabbed the fattest of our pumpkins and headed over.  
I was really concentrating.  Apparently I also have a knack for choosing a tough pattern to carve.  So in the time it took me to do my ONE pumpkin, Andrew did three, yes, three.  Show off. 
Always scoop out the insides, give them a wash of a little bleach solution (it helps them keep longer) 
Keep the seeds for roasting, we separated ours and did half with oil and salt and half with cinnamon sugar.  We thought we'd have leftovers, but somehow they all got eaten, whoops!
Here were Andrew's pumpkins 
Carving the smallest pumpkin known to man...
And here was mine, see it's detailed!  I was not THAT slow, I'm just a perfectionist! 
Safely at home on our porch and a few fall leaves
I moved it up to our bench last night for the Trick or Treaters.  We live on a dead end and I wanted them to know people were home, so they could see it from the top of the street. 
We had my parents over for dinner last night so we could stay home to give out candy.  We got some real cuties last night, it's nice to live in a neighborhood with lots of little ones, makes for a fun evening.

I noticed a lot of dad's out with kids and mom's home giving out candy.  Is that the trend in your area as well?

Hope everyone had a safe weekend!

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