Thursday, April 21, 2011

Plant of the week

This week's feature plant is Pulmonaria, also called Lungwort.  This spring bloomer is a great shade garden addition.  It likes moist soil and can actually take it quite wet.  I'm posting two of my favorite cultivars, but there are others, I've just found these to be tough performers over time (which gets a gold star in my book!)
Lungwort 'Trevi Fountain'
Size: Clumping foliage 1' tall, 2' wide; flowers 1" above the foliage
I love it's gorgeous mottled leaves and ruffled bright blue-purple flowers
Lungwort 'Silver Bouquet'
Size: Clumping foliage 7" tall, 20" wide; flowers 10" above the foliage
I love it's silvery mottled leaves and ruffled combo of pink and purple flowers
Like them, have them, would add them??  Let me know!

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