Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Two Things

I thought I'd share a few quick faves of mine on this bright and sunny Tuesday morning.  Please do share your faves, it's always nice to see what others can't live without!

Recently Numi's Moroccan Mint Tea (We lived in Morocco when I was a baby and I am mildly obsessed with good tea, mint in particular and have spent many years testing teas, this one is amazing, I promise they are not bribing me to say so, although I would accecpt bribes-in the form of tea of course...)

Cadbury Mini Eggs, again, I may or may not be rationing them out...don't judge, they are SO good!  And they're only around once a year, so I have to enjoy them right?  This is why I teach Pilates and train for triathlons-so I can have my "treats" when I want them :)

Beautiful image of their deliciousness from here

And here

So at least you know what I'm up to, nutritionally sound, perhaps not, but delicious...YES!
What can't you live without lately?

Happy Tuesday!

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