Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Chair Recovering Project - Part 1

As I've mentioned in the winter I'm lucky to be able to do "inside work."  Helping set up and break down Christmas, get the store ready for Spring, bring out and set up new products and even do some crafty projects.

I recently was tasked with finding some fabric to recover 4 chairs at a table we'll use for display in the store.  Jo Ann fabric's is just up the street so I took at little field trip on over to see what I could scout.

There were a TON of great colors, patterns, etc.  I was instructed to look for something bright, happy and with a pattern so it wouldn't show wear and tear easily.

This is the original chair:

And here were a few of the fabric options:

Loved this bohemian/florentine print, such happy colors!  I did buy some for another project :)

Very MOD waves

Ovalicious but a little too much orange for what the area it was going in

Loved this print, but wrong colors

The one on the left was also purchased for another area of the store

But here is the finished product:

A bright, happy vine print, appropriate since we are a garden center!  And it coordinates nicely with our green walls and white table that goes with these chairs.

I'll give you the tutorial tomorrow, so stick around!


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