Monday, February 7, 2011

Boulder Walls

I have had some requests for "finished" wall photos from my job around Christmas-sorry life has been a little crazy as of late.  To me there is no such thing as finished...I'm sure any other designers understand.  There is always adding of plants, tweaking of stones, additional patios, or seating areas, steps, etc...BUT, both myself and the customer are thrilled with what's been completed thus far, take a look and let me know what you think!
Looking back at the house, this is the upper wall 
Upper and middle walls
Close-up of the stones, I asked the guys to stagger the stones so they could be used as seating, this is roughly 19" above grade, perfect butt height! 
Side view of upper two walls with level area in between-future patio site?? 
Photo from rear of property, lowest wall in foreground then upper two in background 

We still have plantings to do (hopefully this spring), so I will post more photos as we progress, but for now this is the "finished" project.

Do you have a tricky yard?  I'm always up for new projects!


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  1. So nice to see the finished rock wall. Thanks for sharing.