Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Talk Nautical To Me

Does a Landscape Designer have any business commenting on fashion??  Well, probably not consindering I wear jeans to work every day, BUT I do have to say I LOVE, love, LOVE a good stripe, especially as I am a water baby, and played around working at a marina and sailing in college, a good prepster stripe gets me every time.

Oh J. Crew-how I love thee

Images from here and here

And Boden USA-nice work

Images from here and here

Banana Republic-even you don't disappoint
Image from here

Looks like stripes are big for spring-count me in!  Will you be joining me?



  1. i adore striped tee's.
    the just always look cool.
    especially with a pair of sperry top sider sneakers.

  2. I am in total agreement, especially the swim suit. I think I may splurge this year and buy it, it's that or the bikini, which I was thinking about getting in navy/white top and then buying a navy bottom, so my bum doesn't look too big ;)! So glad I found your blog via Acanthus and Acorn, as I am in the DC Metro area as well!