Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Valentine's Day

MIA again this week-ugh, I don't know how you bloggers do it so consistently.  Please, please share your insider secrets!!  Do you plan posts so you have backups?  Do you write daily, nightly?  Apparently I need to pull it together!

I do have a good reason for not blogging, I was about 3,000 roses deep-yes, Valentine's Day.  We have a floral area in our stores and I am lucky enough to help out when they need it, and need me they did!  Getting these bad boys in water, stripping their leaves, de-thorning them, cutting them to size and water tubing them for transport to their lucky new homes is quite a process!!  But one I was thrilled to work on.
Gorgeous mix of roses we got in for Valentine's Day!
Freedom Roses
Green Tea Roses

Here are few photos of one of the arrangements I made for Valentine's Day
 Antique Hydrangea, Yellow Freesia, White Rose with Pink tinged edges, White Mini Calla Lily
 White Rose with Pink tinged edges, Pink Protea, Yellow Freesia, Green Tea Roses
The ribbon was pink (not purple) as it looks in the photo, sorry for the bad light!  I was just happy to be cranking out arrangements and remembering to take photos!

I did take some beauties of my own home, gotta love a husband that says "Just make whatever you want honey."  I'll ask them to pose for photos tonight.  So check in tomorrow, they include one of my FAVORITE flowers-which is saying a lot...

Did you do something special or was it just another Hallmark day?


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