Monday, January 24, 2011

Down and out

But unfortunatley not in Beverly Hills...Anyone else remember that??

Wow, this has been quite the winter for me.  Shortly into the new year I got the flu (over my birthday no less).  Not just a cold with a stuffy head, but the real deal-big, bad influenza.  Although the virus looks colorful and fun in this image below it was anything but-three days of over a 100 fever and not keeping food down, almost being admitted to the ER for dehydration and aches and pains like I've never had.

Image from here

So PLEASE get a flu shot!!  If you're needle averse get the nasal mist, but please do not mess around with this year's virus, it is nasty!

I was off work on bed rest for nine days-ick and am now just getting back into the swing of things.

I know I've missed a lot, like the new year, my birthday-celebration still to be planned, lots of great blog posts-I have good intentions on catching up and even make some changes and announcements around here, so please stick with me!

And please let me know if you're reading, even if you just say hi, I love to see who's checking me out!  And it leads me other talented bloggers!

Health and hugs,

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  1. That's awful! Glad that you are back on your feet. Selfishly I'm glad you're back b/c I wanna hear about the rock wall project.

    Here's to good health, endorphins and a mild winter.