Thursday, December 9, 2010

Don't mind the glitter...

One of the many awesome aspects of my job is when it gets super cold (as it is now) my planting jobs slow down, SO I get to transition to Christmas decorating!!  Usually I help set up many of the themed trees in our stores.  This year I was so busy installing jobs (good news) I didn't help much (bad news).  However, since we have a lot of amazing customers we've worked with for years I get to go and decorate their houses (great news!)
This was a mantle I did for a customer's formal living room.  We used a mixed evergren garland, wide gold ribbon, thin red firefly ribbon, matte and shiny red balls and some glittery holly garland I cut into peices and stuck throughout for some *BLING* factor.

I will post the photos of their family room mantle tomorrow along with their tree.

I'm off to decorate another house today!

Happy Holidays!

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  1. Amy- this looks awesome! We are going to start our real Christmas decorating this weekend, can't wait.