Wednesday, December 15, 2010

18 trees and counting...

So far this year I have set up, light and or decorated 18 trees, whew.  I think I am MORE than Christmased up this year!

Please excuse the exit sign, photoshop is obviously not in my skill set...yet!

This is a tree I did for a local restaurant called 2941.  We did the planting, patios, ponds, etc. for the restaurant several years ago and I have been decorating their tree for many years as well.  VERY EARLY in the morning the day after Thanksgiving I head over to make some holiday magic happen.

Without further ado...

Here's the tree topper, I used a bunch of branches that had nests, berries, and flowers in it to help give the tree some height and whimsy. 
Here is the middle of the tree, I tied ribbon in that matched the carpet of the restaurant for a modern look.  I know, a lot of people thought it was an odd color combo, but I think it was funky and fun!

And I'm STLL decorating!!  More photos to come tomorrow, so stay tuned!  Are you done decorating?  Do you have a "commercial" looking tree such as this one or are you more traditional with your family ornaments?  I'd love to know!


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