Saturday, February 27, 2010

Triathlon...Crazy or Inspiring??

So I just signed up for my FIRST Triathlon. It's a goal on the list for my 30th year (YIKES!) and it is June 20th (bigger YIKES). It is what they call a sprint distance, so everything is shortened (thankfully!) The swim is first .8K, bike next 20K and end with a 6.7K run.

All the info is on if you're interested in signing up! Here's the course:

I have my first "swim meet" tomorrow morning so the coaches can see what our skill set is currently and help us to train and improve. I haven't "swam" since last summer in our pool in the neighborhood, and I haven't competitivley swam since High School-unless you count my husband and I racing in the ocean...

Although I'm already a fairly "fit" person, I am very excited and VERY nervous. So along with my plant, garden, activity and house posts I may be updating my progress here.

Any seasoned triathletes? Any advice?

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